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Are you ready to start earning income as an Agent First associate? You will need to complete the steps below:

  • Associate Agreement
  • DBPR Form
  • IRS Form W-9
  • Copy of your Real Estate License
  • Copy of your Driver’s License
  • $150 Annual Fee by Click Here to Pay 

Activate your Real Estate License with Florida’s Leading Real Estate Referral Company Agent First and start earning commission

Steps of Getting Started:

Step 1: Downland and Complete agreement & additional Documents

Step 2: Email documents to

Step 3: Pay your annual fee via credit card

Step 4: Once we receive the signed contract and the admin fee, we will make you Active. There is no additional paperwork for you to complete concerning the State. We handle everything and transfer your license for you. You will be notified by us, within 24-72 hours, that you have been made Active.